Rural Property in Northern Australia – Still a Hot Commodity!

March 24th, 2017

The sale and purchase of Rural Property in NT and WA has been on a sharp spike for quite some time now. The trend that began in mid-2016 has continued to move from strength to strength with the increasing number of cattle stations and larger rural property changing hands.
Hancock Prospecting, the company belonging to Gina Rinehart, has added to their three cattle operations and Kidman station acquisitions from last year with the purchase of Aroona Station, west of Katherine. This purchase has made Hancock Prospecting one of the biggest cattle producers in Australia, and there are rumours that the company will continue to snap up rural property in Northern Australia.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.42.27 am

Image credit: Matt Brann, ABC Rural

Beef Central has reason to believe that it’s ‘a golden age for investors’. The current combination of low beef prices and costs of purchasing rural property means that for investors, both Australian and International, now really is the best time to buy.  Not only is rural property in Australia reasonably priced on a global level, but also it is predicted that land prices will eventually rise again. Investors or those looking invest in rural property and cattle stations need to take the opportunities presented now, while there are many and they are cheap.

In addition to rural property being abundant and low in price, the cattle industry is providing opportunities to young men and women open to engaging in the hard but rewarding work. The more cattle stations that are healthily operating with a number of required staff, the greater the number of new recruits and ringers working on stations.

The beef industry and rural property associated is thriving in all aspects. Companies that are primarily Australian are purchasing cattle stations that are up for sale. It’s a great time for rural property investment, before prices rise and the number of properties for sale reduces. And as an added bonus, the agricultural industry is providing jobs to young Australians.

Rural Property in Northern Australia is still booming, and should continue to do so into the future.